Bug#220485: gconf2 doesn't close after logout, causing problems when user tries to re-login

Andrew Hill Andrew Hill <dru@treshna.com>, 220485@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 13 Nov 2003 13:00:22 +1300

Sebastien Bacher wrote:

>Andru Hill <andru@treshna.com> writes:
>>gconf2 is, everything is up to date.
>>Occasionally when users log out it leaves gconfd running. I went though and
>>tested 10 different accounts, 2 of these accounts left gconfd running after
>>they logged out.  
>How often does it happen on these 2 accounts ? Could you look if there
>problem is due to some config file (perhaps by moving some dirs/files
>like ~/.gnome2) ? Have you customized the accounts config or just
>install Gnome2 and test ?
>Thank you,
>Sebastien Bacher
I've tried removing all ~/.* config files and the problem still exists. 
it appears on 2 different
networks i look after. Both are single server, many remote X session to 
them.  It can happen
on any account, though i found one account which uses evolution it 
happens pretty consistanty
even after removing all config files.  It appears to not close the 
process of occasionally when
you log out and leaves it running. 
I recently upgraded from 2.2 to 2.4 in sid which is when the problem 
started happening.