[Pkg-gnome-maintainers] I Beg You Help Me

Mary Osifor m_osifor2@hknetmaail.com
Fri, 17 Oct 2003 18:09:43 +0100


Dear Sir=2C

I am a wife of late DR OSIFOR=2C who died after
three days Major-Operation at General hospital CAPE-TOWN Here in SOUTH AFRICA=2E

He was a Computer scientist with the Banque des Etats
de l'Afrique CAPE-TOWN branch=2E

I got to know of your courtesy of international
business bureau=2Cwho assured me off your honesty and
capability in handling business=2Fassistance of this nature=2E

Sequent to my zeal towards the security of my life and
my husband fund in Foreign Security Firm =2E I
therefore write to give you break down of my life=2E

My dear=2C I have two happy days=2E Happy days are what we
worked for=2E But happy days are not easily worked for=2E
=28tears=29 my late husband left me without a child=2E
Besides=2C I was made to understood that=2C if a man died
without an issue all his wealth will be shared by the
entire relatives=2E

>From the time immemorial=2C the tendency of human beings
is live to live together=2C very few normal human beings
live in isolation from their kind=2E Therefore
consciousness of kind leads to Community living with
it's own ethos and taboos=2E

Precisely=2C my husband had a secret Account Worth of
$12=2E8 Million=2C with the Foreign Security Firm=2C which I
now demanded your ability=2Fassistance of receiving the
fund on your side for safety=2E Since the money has to
be claimed by a non co naissance=2E

Dear=2C I'm down with imperialism and tribal division=2C
no sporadically act nor pious revolution can resolve my
present problems and condition=2E Nothing will be of
avail except one from overseas assisted me and claim
this fund through the help of my husband Attorney in

For now I am lame and I must depend on crutches to
support and sustain myself=2E But tomorrow may be well
on the way=2E Flying low or high in life depends in
My humble duty now is to pray that my wound shall be
healed if ever you will never fail me in the long days
and longer nights=2E

I await your kind response=2E
Yours sincerely=2C