Bug#230756: nautilus: Should not change desktop settings (color, icons) when launched under a non-GNOME session

Johannes Rohr Johannes Rohr <j.rohr@comlink.org>, 230756@bugs.debian.org
Mon, 02 Feb 2004 19:23:04 +0100

Am Mo, den 02.02.2004 schrieb Karsten M. Self um 11:48:
> Package: nautilus
> Version: 2.4.1-3
> Severity: wishlist
> When Nautilus is invoked under a non-GNOME session, e.g.:  another
> window manager -- WindowMaker, blackbox, fluxbox, XFCE4, etc., it should
> *NOT* change desktop attributes, including but not limited to:

I would like to see this, too. But, alas, it is hardly possible. 

Nautilus handles the the desktop background as a single window,
occupying the full visible screen size, where its predecessor, GMC,
placed lots of mini-windows onto the original X root window. The latter
approach left the desktop background unchanged whereas the former cannot
but override it.

I think there have been lengthy and exhaustive discussions about this
(desktop as a single window) upstream. The way it currently is, is based
on a fundamental design decision taken by upstream and there is little
hope that filing bugs to the Debian BTS will have *any* impact. 

So, if you want to reach those responsible for this design decision, you
should go to http://bugzilla.gnome.org.



P.S.: I'm not the maintainer. But AFAIK this can only be tagged