Bug#232285: Evolution

Margarita Manterola Margarita Manterola <mamante@fi.uba.ar>, 232285@bugs.debian.org
12 Feb 2004 10:28:03 -0300

El mi=E9, 11-02-2004 a las 17:23, J.H.M. Dassen (Ray) escribi=F3:

> I doubt many developers actually use evolution themselves - I don't reall=
> use it much myself (occassionally as an easier way to manipulate my Palm
> agenda).

Well, I'm a Network Administrator.  I have 12 people (and I expect to
have more during this year) using Evolution.  And there are a lot of
features they've been waiting for, that were already in 1.2, and now in
1.4. =20

So, even if developers don't use it, users DO use it A LOT, and I think
it is really a MUST in Sarge.

> Rather, _install_ them correctly. apt is usually smart enough to handle
> circular dependencies (it did on all the other archs). There is currently=
> new m68k build attempt being done (see
> http://www.buildd.net/cgi/package_status?m68k_pkg=3Devolution&searchtype=
> I'll wait for its results. Buildds do have occasional problems that
> disappear on retry or minor package upgrades; the problem may prove to ha=
> been transitory.
> If it isn't, the real problem seems to be that
> /usr/lib/libglade/2.0/libbonobo.so (which depends on libbonoboui2-0) is i=
> libbonoboui2-common rather than in libbonoboui2-0, creating the circular
> dependency. I'll try to fix that once the current m68k evolution build
> attempt is done.

Ok. Sounds great.  I hope everything works alright.

Thanks again for your great job.