Greetings...Pls respond urgently

Mr. Bryan Edem Wilberforce
Mon, 16 Feb 2004 13:24:20 +0000

From=3A Mr=2E Bryan E=2E Wilberforce 

Dear Sir=2FMadam=2C

I am an investor from Liberia=2C currently in the Republic of Togo 
because of the civil and political unrest=2Fwars in my country=2E I wish to 
invest in a country with political stability=2C reliable=2C dependable 
infrastructure and security of life and property=2E A friend who is a 
foreigner on a working visit in Lome the capital of Togo gave me your 
contact address=2E She said that you may be Willing to assist me in my 
Investment plans if I am lucky=2E

It may interest you to know that I am ready and willing to invest the 
sum of $18=2E5 Million US Dollars into your company or any good and 
profitable business that you may suggest based on your 
expertise=2Fknow-how=2E This amount was willed to me by my father=2C 
who also died due to the political unrest in my country - Liberia=2C 
which has also led to the ouster of the former President Mr=2E Charles 
Taylor=2C now in exile=2E I am willing to invest in a company with potentials 
for growth and stability=2C if your country's bye-laws allows a foreign 

I will be very happy if this enquiry receives urgent attention=2E You 
should mail your acceptance by sending to me your personal and 
company profile as I will also send to you all required information about 
the fund=2E

Now the following are areas where I need your assistance=3A 1=29 You 
should travel to secure the funds in cash on my behalf and deposit it 
in a bank account or your bank account in your country=2C pending 
further instructions from my family=2E 

=282=29 My family will need you to please assist in settling the demurrage on 
the vault as soon as you arrive there=2E 

=283=29 My family will be willing to give you 18% of the total $18=2E5 million as 
your commission for your assistance=2E This amount is however open for
negotiation if you feel that 18% will not be enough for you=2E 

=284=29 As soon as you confirm to me through my email of your readiness to 
assist and how quickly you can travel=2C I will send you a copy of my 
Power of Attorney which I will also send to the organization 
authorizing them to allow you direct access to the
vault where the boxes containing the funds are 
deposited=2C so that you can secure the funds=2E 

=285=29 It is very important that you understand that the organization does 
not know those boxes in the vault contains cash money=2E All they know 
is that the boxes in the vault contain art works and jewelry=2E 

=286=29 As soon as you have the funds in your custody=2C I will give you 
details of where and which sector you will invest my family's share of 
the funds into=2C on our behalf=2C in your country=2C which will prepare the 
way for my entry=2E 

=287=29 Please note that this project is very legal and 100% risk free=2C 
because the funds in question is private family funds=2C which are legally 
deposited at the organization=2C but you must keep it very secret and
confidential because of my personal and family security=2E  

Contact me immediately=2C via my email=2C informing me the possibility of 
your traveling within this month=2E  

Hoping for a very successful business relationship with you=2E 

Best Regards=2C 

Bryan Edem Wilberforce