Mrs Hajai Kudrat Hussain
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:54:30 +0400

ATTN=3A Director=2F Ceo

I am Hajai Kudrat Hussain the Third Wife of the 
President Suddam Hussain Of Iraq I am moved to write
this letter to you considering my present
circumstances and situations as I escaped out of the
country =28Iraq=29 to Lybai=2C along with my children=2C where
my family settled down=2E

My husband later moved to settle in Syria where he
later return back to Iraq to fight against the
coalation group of United States of America
unfortunately he was arrested on 13th December this
year by American Soilders however=2Cthereafter
declearation of War on Iraq the United States of 
America made arrangements with the Switzerland
Government and some other European countries to freeze
my husband=92s account considering my husband as looter
of public funds=2E

My husband and I deposited the sum of US$22=2C000=2C000=2E0
Twenty Two Million United States Dollars with a reputable
Security Company Firm in Dubai=2C United Arab Emirates
U=2EA=2EE for Safe Keeping=2E These funds were security
coded to prevent it from failing into the wrong hands=2E
I humbly want to introduce you to my son Prince Dahiru
Musa Hussain who is currently based in Dubai where
there funds are safely kept=2E

However=2C I want to seek for your consent in assisting
us to invest this money but I wouldn=92t want I and my
son identity to be revealed=2E May I implore you to
maintain the high lavel of confidentiality which this
transaction requires and I hope you will not betray
the trust and confidence we are ready to repose in

Finally=2C if you are ready to assist us=2E My son wil put
you through the picture of the business=2E You are
advised to contact my son Prince Dahiru 

through the above Telephone numbers or E-mail=3Ahajai=40z6=2Ecom He
will discuss the modalities and remuneration of your
services as soon as you indicate your interest to
assist us=2E

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation=2E

Best Regards

Hajai Kudrat Hussain