GnomeMeeting and Gnome System Tools

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo
Sat, 28 Feb 2004 16:42:38 +0100

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  I have been talking to Jordi Mallach and I plan to add Gnome Team to
  Uploaders of both Gnomemeeting and Gnome System Tools. There are some
  reasons, but the main one is that GnomeMeeting is a standard Gnome=20
  release module and Gnome System Tools is always in the list of them,=20
  though it always stays out, and  I don't want these packages to be=20
  bad mantained as they have been for a while if my real life=20
  amount of work starts to increase again.

  Anyway, I want to point out something important about GnomeMeeting.
  This package usually depends on a version of pwlib and openh323, so
  trying to get in touch with me or with Goedson <>
  will be a good idea before making an upload.


P.S: I need to be added to developers list in Alioth so I can commit
to the svn repo. Jordi tol me he was going to do that, but he must be
running all around the country ;-)

Jose Carlos Garcia Sogo

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