Gnome-media 2.6.1 Bugs

Sebastien Bacher
Wed, 12 May 2004 22:44:20 +0200

Le mer, 12/05/2004 =E0 22:45 +0300, Uri David Akavia a =E9crit :

> link /usr/lib/ ->, which points
> to something missing.

Ok, I've just uploaded a fixed package on alioth. That's not an official
release yet, so I've not bumped the revision number, so apt-get install
--reinstall from alioth (empty the deb from the /var/cache/apt/archives
cache before) and that should be ok.

> There are also problems with rhythmbox segfaulting when run on a
> solitary file. I'll try to see if this was there before.

solitary file ? Which version of rb ?


Sebastien Bacher