Bug#234655: nautilus: Nautilus window-size affects gnome-desktop size

Margarita Manterola Margarita Manterola <marga@marga.com.ar>, 234655-quiet@bugs.debian.org
Thu, 13 May 2004 21:26:25 -0300

Hola sebastien bacher!

> > When the last time that nautilus was maximized, it was in 800x600
> size,
> > the next time it's launched, the active desktop environment is 800x600
> > even if the desktop itself has launched in 1024x768.
> I can't reproduce this bug, coudl you provide more details ?

Ok, I didn explain myself well.  Here comes the description again:

If the FIRST time the user logs in to the system, the desktop was in
800x600, the following times the user logs in, it doesn't matter which
is the desktop size, Nautilus uses 800x600 pixels.

This means that when you press the right mouse button on the desktop on
the right or lower size of the screen, no menu pops up.

> Which window manager are you using ? 


> How do you close it ? With the session ? Do you save the session ?

We end the session in the usual Gnome way.  We don't save the session.
The only way around it is to delete the nautilus files.

I hope you can reproduce this now.

 Besitos,   {o_
     Marga. (')_