Changes of the primary maintainership

Mon, 24 May 2004 18:24:02 +0900 (JST)

Hi guys,

I'm considering to change the primary maintainership of my
GNOME related packages to the Debian GNOME team or someone
who wants to take care of it.
As you know, I'm now spending a lot of times for my jobs,
and I'm wondering if I still take advantage of the
maintainership so that lots of people is helping my packages
now. since we have agreed to maintain GNOME packages as the
team, I think asking here first is appropriate.

The packages which I'm thinking of changing the primary
maintainership is:

- at-spi
- atk1.0
- gail
- gasql (it's possible to replace mergeant right now,
- glib1.2
- glib2.0
- gnome-db
- gnome-db2
- gok
- gtk+1.2
- gtk+2.0
- libgail-gnome
- libgda
- libgda2
- libgnomedb
- metacity
- pango1.0

If anyone has no objections to do it, I'll change the
primary maintainership to the Debian GNOME team, otherwise
please let me know which packages do you want to
maintain. and If no one wants to maintain some package, I'll
send the offer letter to debian-devel mailing list.

BTW I'm not saying I'm leaving the GNOME Debian team and/or
Debian Project. when I have a time, I can help you guys as
well as you guys are doing it for the team.

Thank you for your works,
Akira TAGOH  :  / Japan GNOME Users Group : / GNOME-DB Project
             :   / Red Hat, Inc.
             :   / Debian Project