Bug#315926: Does not stop xscreensaver anymore

Alexandre ROSSI alexandre.rossi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 4 09:30:15 UTC 2005


I am also having this issue with the 1.0.4-1 version. I don't use
xscreensaver, but the DPMS extension of Xorg blanks the screen even
while playing a movie.
I do not think this is relevant, but this occurs with both totem-xine
and totem-gstreamer.

I have looked at the totem source code and learned in what I could
understand that it simulates key events using the Xtest extension.
This extension loads okay on my debian box.

I have tried to monitor fake key events using an instance of xev
attached to the totem window, but those do not show. Should they show

Feel free to ask me for more info, I would be glad to help on this bug.


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