gdesklets-data split

Clément Stenac zorglub at
Wed Aug 24 13:22:10 UTC 2005


I think I will split the gdesklets-data package in topic-based packages,
to keep them smaller.

The split I came with is the following.

- gdesklets-system : System monitoring desklets for gdesklets
- gdesklets-media  : Multimedia-related desklets for gdeskelts
- gdesklets-pim    : Personal Information Management desklets for gdesklets
  This package will contain
    - RSS aggregators    - Clocks
    - Todo/Memo          - Calendars
- gdesklets-misc   : Miscalleaneous desklets for gdesklets
  This package will contain all the remaining desklets:
   fun, image, stock, seti at home, boinc, toolbars ...

I'd like to have feedback about this proposal ...
I'm mainly pondering the interest of having a toolbars/launchers package



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