Bug#342327: tips&tricks dialog appears aways

Clément Stenac zorglub at via.ecp.fr
Wed Dec 7 08:26:51 UTC 2005

tag #342327 +upstream confirmed


> the tips&tricks dialog appears aways when starting the desklets manager, even if disabling the "show this box at startup" check box.
Yep, I'll warn upstream :)

> I'm using the package from unstable in Etch. This is because you set the last update to urgency=low where it is unusable for many people i would have suggested urgency=high :S Anyway, i don't think the bug I report has anything to do with this latter fact.
The fact is that I used low because 0.35.2-3 should not have
transitionned to testing as it was RC-buggy with 2 RC bugs. However, for
an unknown reason, it dit transition. I asked the release team, who
couldn't explain why it did.


Clément Stenac

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