From: Kenneth,

kenneth biros kennethbiros at
Wed Dec 14 20:42:24 UTC 2005

From: Kenneth/Lilian Biros
Abidjan cote d'Ivoire
West Africa


Please permit to solicit for your kind attention.I got your contact through 
my search in the internet as reputable person who can help to manage my 
inherited money in a good business until Iam able to take over after the 
completion of my theological studies. Firstly, I will like to give you some 
highlight of my profile and what I need your cooperation and assistance 
for.I pray that God will touch you to help me out. I am Kenneth biros, we 
are the children of late Dr.Jasmin biros. we are citizen of South Africa.our 
late father was the founder/president of Techphoebe Aluminum Company in 
South Africa until he died after a protracted illness.Due to poor management 
of the company during the period of his bad state of health most of the 
director began to divert the net profit being generated from the company.

He therefore arrange with the family lawyer and sold the entire company to 
Mr. Alan Foster from Poland at the price of US$12,000.000,00(Twelve Million 
United States Dollars) which was transferred to a security company in 
abidjan cote d'ivoire, with instruction to transfer the consignment to his 
foreign business partner under a special secret arrangement in which he 
declared the consignment as family valuables and with the hope of investing 
it later, but the sudden death could not allow him.After his death I 
discovered a copy of the will he made in which he stated that the deposit 
contains money, though declared as family valuables for security reason.
Following this,we decided to seek refugee in cote d'ivoire for a while,at 
the moment we are seeking for a trusted partner who can accomodate this 
money for investment and managment on our behalf and for we to also come to 
stay with.we have decided to contact and rely in you because,we want to 
invest this money into good business venture in your country based on its 
political and economic stability.we have agreed that you will be the only 
partner and fund manager in this regard.we are by this mail message seeking 
your assistance in this respect.You are therefore requested to arrange for a 
possible way this money in the trunk box could be move to your country, even 
it may requires your coming to cote d'ivoire to meet me.we have agreed that 
25% of the total money shall be given to you for rendering this 
assistance.we have also earmarked 5% for expenses like travelling,hotel 
bills etc.10% to be in a seprate account for us, while 60% will be for 
investment, with you as a partner and trustee.
Please, be assured that this  is 100% risk free.
we await your soonest response.
Regards and God bless.
Kenneth Lilian Biros

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