Bug#334534: Patch from bug 307724 breaks Eclipse

Loic Minier lool at dooz.org
Fri Dec 16 20:33:19 UTC 2005


On Fri, Dec 16, 2005, Douglas Pollock wrote:
> I would appreciate it if you could re-open this bug.  Eclipse continues to get 
> bugs filed about this issue (e.g., 
> https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=119622).  It means that one of 
> the first questions we must ask when debugging any focus or key binding issue 
> is: "Are you using Debian?"  We're forced into doing a lot of finger-pointing 
> at Debian, which makes me uncomfortable.  This is also a drain on our 
> resources -- triaging bugs and replying to newsgroups.

 Well, there's nothing new, and we agreed there was no way to revert
 this (see the bug log and check with Billy Biggs for details).  The
 short story is that we included a *fix*, which does help some
 application, and Eclipse maps the upstream version number of Gtk to a
 version which has not the fix and takes counter-measures, and this
 clashes.  Reverting the fix is not only very difficult in a dist frozen
 like sarge is and for a core lib such as gtk, but would also break
 other apps (which don't have such dynamic workarounds).

 All I can suggest is that you check whether you're on Debian sarge, or
 whether the Gtk Debian package is installed in a borken version (borken
 from your perspective), or maybe offer a command-line flag?

 Unless you have new ideas to unlock this situation, no one can revert
 that for Debian.


Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org>

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