Bug#334534: Patch from bug 307724 breaks Eclipse

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Tue Dec 20 10:14:25 UTC 2005


On Mon, Dec 19, 2005, Douglas Pollock wrote:
> I suppose the philosophies are just different between Eclipse and Debian, 
> which makes it hard for me to understand your position.  In Eclipse this 
> would be viewed as a regression.  If we have a patch that fixes some bug and 
> causes regressions, we would generally leave the patch out (or revert the 
> patch if we put it in).

 In this case, the patch did not cause regression, but fixed a Gtk bug,
 which affected numerous apps.  I could argue the following:
 "The "regression" is on Eclipse side, which implemented a workaround
 for this Gtk bug, and where this workaround does not work under Debian.
 Why don't you simply remove that workaround if it causes a regression
 under Debian?"

 And you would then probably answer: "the workaround is helpful on other
 distros", and I would continue "but our patch is helpful for other

 I don't want to discuss this ad nauseam, I tried being constructive,
 and tried to look into options:
 - changing a low-level patch for Gtk in Debian stable is 10 times more
   risky than it was to include it prior to the stable release, and
   won't ever be accepted by stable release managers; FORGET IT
 - Gtk's upstream doesn't want to add API to detect Debian and special
   case easily
 - you don't seem to be willing to special case Eclipse's behavior for
   Debian anyway (be it without or with a special API)

 The only remaining way I see for you to handle this is a Gtk update for
 backports.org, but I'm absolutely unclear whether this has a change to
 be accepted, and I don't know anything about backports.org procedures.

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