Bug#293192: gnome: can't change shortcut icon after created

Loic Minier lool at dooz.org
Sat Nov 5 14:27:08 UTC 2005


On mar, fév 01, 2005, Renan Melhado wrote:
> When I try to change the icon of a shortchut in Gnome, the window of 
> icon selectiion ignore my choice, and close itself, keeping the old icon 
> on an shortcut, and not the one that I have selected.
> I tried too to type the complete location of an icon in the text box of 
> the icon location, obviously, and its reject my choice, again.
> I'm using the latest gnome testing package.

 You did not say which version that was, please use "reportbug" to
 report bugs.  Please try again with GNOME 2.10.

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