distribution of funds to ophans

mr shadak sheri sheri.shadak at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 12:42:56 UTC 2005

Goodday Friend, I'm SHADAK SHARI,an Indian citizen, And the sole
owner of (Osvaldo Foundation!!)but made fame in Iraq.I've been into
helping the ophans for the past 10 years.I became a great man when i
had a licence to be an international crude oil maketer 6 years Ago. I've
help so many orphange homes,needy homes and the less priviledge accross the
African continents,with the wealth God gave to me.The last comflicts
that happened in Iraq made me to loose all i've worked for.I lost
entire all i've worked for.Now i can't hear again ,and my left leg has
been amputated. The doctor said i've a little more time to stay in this
planet.My good friend,i want you to do me a favour.i will want you to
assist me with the distribution of funds to ophans that you know in your
country!! I kept some amount af money with a security company in Europe and
Asia Amounting to about $2.6M and $2.2M respectively. I i want you to take
the place of my next of Kin.I'm doing this base on the short time i've
on Earth.I'm an old man.Please this should be confidencial between you
and me. If this transaction is sucessful,which i believe it i will want you
to take 20% /10% will be for all the expenses and 70% should be distributed
amongst the orphange homes in Africa/And your country .My lawyer is already
aware of this.Pls get back to me Urgently, i am
sending you this mail via my foundations email i will want you to email me
back via the foundations May God bless you Regards Mr shadak sheri
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