Bug#361355: gnome_segv2 segfaults when using Solaris 2.7 X server

sacrificial-spam-address at horizon.com sacrificial-spam-address at horizon.com
Sat Apr 8 19:31:52 UTC 2006

> I don't remember when we started supporting Solaris...  What platform do
> you really run libgnomeui-0 on?  If it's not debian, then use your
> distribution bug channel to fill bug and not debian's.

Eek!  I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough.  Only the X server is running on
Solaris.  It's

debian$ DISPLAY=solaris:0 <program>

In all cases mentioned, the binary is running on x86-32 Debian (current
unstable).  Only the X server is remote.

I submit that even if the remote X server were actively malicious,
segfaulting would be undesirable behaviour.  (If nothing else,
segfaults suggest buffer overflows which imply security issues.)

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