Bug#402240: nautilus-cd-burner: When burning a DVD: Error writing to disc

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Sat Dec 9 02:29:43 CET 2006

reassign 402240 dvd+rw-tools

Le samedi 09 décembre 2006 à 00:29 +0000, Sam Morris a écrit :
> Package: nautilus-cd-burner
> Version: 2.16.1-1
> Severity: important

> The burn process started, but the drive kept spinning up and down. It
> never stayed spun up for more than about ten seconds. The burning
> process bar stayed at the 0%, until n-c-b gave up with:
> "There was an error writing to the disc: Unhandled error, aborting"
> The disc now seems to be a coaster.
> Does n-c-b use growisofs behind the scenes? I tried invoking it be hand
> and got:
> $ growisofs -Z /dev/hdc *.avi

> :-( write failed: Input/output error
> /dev/hdc: flushing cache
> /dev/hdc: updating RMA
> /dev/hdc: closing session
> ... so feel free to reassign if so. This might even be a dupe of #323602
> but the messages are different (no "CLOSE SESSION failed" message at the
> end) so maybe not.
> The drive is a Pioneer DVR-109, the media was a Datasafe DVD-R.

Indeed, nautilus-cd-burner is merely a front-end to other tools. Since
2.16, it uses growisofs to burn DVDs on the fly.

I'm reassigning your report.

Josselin Mouette                /\./\

"Do you have any more insane proposals for me?"
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