Bug#349795: openoffice.org-common: oowriter File->Save As doesn't list current directory

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Wed Jan 25 14:41:20 UTC 2006


Am Mittwoch 25 Januar 2006 15:33 schrieben Sie:
> Rene Engelhard wrote:
> > And why are you reporting this against openoffice.org-common?
> > Neither does openoffice.org-common contain any architectuere-dependent
> > stuff nor does it contain the GMOE File Picker (which you have there).
> Why?   Simple!  I didn't know where your file picker comes from.

But you could have looked? In any case it's a lib/program so it cannot be from 
-common. And -core already pointed to -gnome which contains the native File 
Picker. As you evidently enabled it in your Options (otherwise it wouldn't 
have been used) you know that it is optional.

And from your description it was visibile that you use the GNOME File 

Just read package descriptions....



P.S: Dont't Cc control@, useless and broken except when you want to change bug 

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