Bug#376260: glib2.0: FTBFS on IA64

Frans Pop elendil at planet.nl
Sat Jul 1 11:58:16 UTC 2006

Package: glib2.0
Version: 2.10.3-2
Severity: serious

Last upload of glib2.0 has failed to build on IA64.

This was already discussed on IRC, but I've decided to file a BR anyway as 
this will block the release of the Beta3 release of Debian Installer.

< fjp> Np237: Any ideas about the glib2.0 build failure on IA64?
< Np237> fjp, none, sorry
< Np237> looks like references to ia64 specific assembly code
< vorlon> Np237: from time to time, there have been arch-specific, 
glibc-provided symbols that can't be made local in a version script 
without breaking the linkage.  This looks like an instance of that.
< vorlon> hmm, s/glibc-provided/compiler-provided/
< Np237> vorlon, so this is a problem with glib's version script?
< vorlon> looks like it to me
< Np237> and this one is autogenerated with libtool...
< vorlon> yuck.
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