Bug#378366: gtk-smooth-engine: needs to drop gtk2-engines-smooth from debian/control

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Sat Jul 15 17:44:11 UTC 2006

Package: gtk-smooth-engine
Severity: serious


Since the gtk2-engines source package no longer provides the
gtk2-engines-smooth binary, gtk-smooth-engine has to drop that binary
package from its control file before the new gtk2-engines can migrate to
testing. (In theory, ftpmaster could just remove the 1:2.6.8-1
gtk2-engines-smooth binaries from unstable, too. I don't know their
opinion on the matter, but mine is that I'd rather have
gtk-smooth-engine fixed.)

Please make an upload dropping the gtk2 binary, or (if appropriate) file
a removal bug against ftp.debian.org.


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