Bug#377755: Disappearing text in pango applications

Ed Casas edc at cce.com
Wed Jul 19 04:29:19 UTC 2006

I am seeing this bug as well.

Only the first word of each horizontal line is visible, although
the rest of the text is still there, taking up space.  This
happens for both user-interface elements such as menus as well as
text rendered by a browser.  The text will sometimes re-appear
when it is redrawn (for example, by being selected).

This is a serious problem and makes the application unusable.

This problem only happens when anti-aliasing is disabled.  This
probably explains why the bug is not being seen more widely.

The reason for disabling anti-aliasing is that I use the Tahoma
font and get the best results by using the byte code interpreter
and disabling anti-aliasing for certain font sizes.  The bug only
appears for fonts and sizes where anti-aliasing is disabled
(regardless of whether the BCI is enabled or not).

I can reproduce the behaviour by disabling anti-aliasing for
certain fonts (in /etc/fonts/local.conf) and using any
pango-enabled application (gedit, firefox, etc) that uses those
fonts.  Fonts which are anti-aliased are not affected.

I am seeing this same behaviour with both 1.12.3-1 and

If I set the MOZ_DISABLE_PANGO=1 environment variable then the
problem (in Firefox) goes away.  It also goes away for those
fonts for which anti-aliasing is enabled.

Ed Casas  edc at cce.com

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