Bug#379073: nautilus-cd-burner: have an erase CD-RW/DVD-RW option

Josselin Mouette joss at debian.org
Fri Jul 21 08:13:32 UTC 2006

Le vendredi 21 juillet 2006 à 10:00 +1000, Anand Kumria a écrit :
> Package: nautilus-cd-burner
> Version: 2.14.2-1
> Severity: wishlist
> Hi,
> This bugreport comes from an observation of a beginning Linux user.
> It'd be useful if nautilus-cd-burner provided an option to erase/blank
> CD-RW and DVD-RW media. Currently you can not _just_ blank them, you
> need to select another (in my case ISO image, but presumably you can
> use the CD/DVD creator) disc to overwrite the existing one.
> The option should, obviously, provide some kind of confirmation dialog
> (defaulting to 'No'). This would assist beginning Linux users who may
> not find 'cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast' as inituitative as I
> would.

I'm not a n-c-b developer, but I think this is intentional. As blanking
a disc is only useful when overwriting it, this would only clutter the
UI for a functionality only needed by people who also know how to type
'cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast'.
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