Bug#380086: totem (totem-xine) crashes always on launch wth an error:

Yves Lambert le.iota at free.fr
Sun Jul 30 12:51:20 UTC 2006

Loïc Minier a écrit :

> Could you please install libc6-dbg and update the backtrace?
> (FYI, you're running experimental libc6, so you need libc6-dbg from
> experimental as well.)
I am downgrading libc6.

> Could you confirm this does not happen with the libc6 from unstable?
Nope. Totem launches correctly and there is neither warning nor error in 
(with libc6 (unstable) and libc6-i686(unstable))

> Could you check whether it happens with plain "libc6" as well?  (You
> seem to have libc6-i686 installed, try removing it temporarily.)
I've uninstalled libc6-i686 and I've upgraded again  libc6 and libc6-dbg 
to experimental-> no crash, no error
-> You can close the bug as invalid (I don't know *why* I installed 
libc6-i686 !!!)

>   Thanks,

Oui, l'OZ, le CZ, le labo de zététique, Randi et son orchestre, etc. 
sont un clan qui de facto rejette toute notions de parascientifique à 
connotation supranaturelle.

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