Bug#380254: yelp crashes on start

Bas Zoetekouw bas at zoetekouw.net
Sun Jul 30 13:22:27 UTC 2006

reassign 380254 at-spi

Hi Loïc!

You wrote:

>  Does it still crash if you disable accessibility in the GNOME
>  preferences? (logout and back in before trying)

As we discussed on irc, I tried enabling accessibility, login out and
in, disaling it again, and relogin to make sure all assistive tech was
disabled.  After this, yelp still crashed.

I then tried a new, clean user, which also got the same yelp crash after
logging into gnome for the first time.
A new backtrace, from the clean user account, with -dbg packages
installed is attached.

However, after removing the at-spi package (which also removed gok,
gnopernicus and dasher), the bug disappears.  I'm reassigning the bug to
at-spi, therefore.

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