Bug#370077: Epiphany tries to recover from crashes without having crashed

Yusei yusei at ragondux.com
Sat Jun 3 06:44:47 UTC 2006

Package: epiphany-browser

I've been using epiphany from some time, calling it with:
epiphany -n url
Recently (but before upgrading to this version) it started to pretend
having crashed and proposing restoring previous tabs... even when it
hadn't crashed and was already opened.

I can't give a way to reproduce the bug as it seems to happen randomly.
Sometimes epiphany -n creates new tabs as planned, sometimes the bug

I just made another test:
I launched epiphany by activating a link in, say, Liferea, and then
called epiphany -n from command line. This brought two sessions of
epiphany, which pretended having crashed. Then, every call from the
command line opened new tabs in the second epiphany, while every click
in liferea opened tabs in the first one. Activating a link in Evolution
brought a new epiphany. Does it help ?

Manual removal of ~/.gnome2/epiphany/session-crashed.xml doesn't fix the
problem. I guess it may be a dbus problem, so here's info about dbus:
D-BUS Message Bus Daemon 0.61
Package version: 0.61-6

Thanks in advance

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