Bug#338828: Is this a race condition / timing problem

Markus E Leypold d601d583-leypold at web.de
Sun Mar 19 19:23:37 UTC 2006

Hi all,

I had the same problem (some, sometimes all, applets on the
bottom panel dying "unexpectedly" on login) with a machine I'll call
Box-1 for now.

Originally I thought that Box-1's mainboard or processor was faulty
(thus leading to spurious segementation faults killing the applets).

But today I installed a totally different machine (call it Box-2) on
which the problem occurs not only sometimes on login, but is, so far,
100% reproducible (i.e. occurs on all logins).

Both, Box-1 and Box-2 have been installed with Debian Sarge 3.1.0a /
i386 by booting from CD-1 and pulling the rest of the packages over the

Since both machines are somewhat older and slower (700 Mhz Athlon and
350 Mhz Amd/K6_2) than the average, I keep wondering wether this might
be a timing problem (i.e. the applets crash because some other part of
gnome is slow in starting and is not yet providing some required
functionality at the moment).

Anyway: I'd would be happy to help to resolve that issue.

Correction: Just discovered, it does not occur on all logins, but on
almost all. Can't see a pattern yet.

Regards -- Markus E Leypold.

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