[Bug 370736] Playlist becomes unresponsive to drag'n'drop

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------- Comment #6 from Javier Kohen  2006-11-06 14:42 UTC -------
Well, "files" refers to both of them, doesn't it? In any case, I meant both
files: the mpeg and the tar.bz2. But not exclusively, all kind of files seem to
be affected: other mpeg's and avi's as well.
The result is, as you say, that it floats back to its original place. The mouse
icon when hovering the file over the playlist is the top-left corner angle that
Nautilus shows when it can't drop the file at the current position.

Furthermore, it's possible to see a different (still buggy) behavior if you do
the following after step #7:
8) Click on the "+" button. Pick the mpeg file and dismiss the dialog, so the
file gets added at the bottom of the playlist. Now it has three entries: mpeg,
tar.bz2, mpeg.
9) Start playing the third entry by double-clicking on it. That is, the second
instance of the mpeg file. Now you'll see that when you hover a file on the
playlist, the expected mouse icon is used (top-left corner angle with a + sign
inside); moreover, you can drop files on the playlist and they don't bounce
back to their original place, although they still don't get added to it.

This second case seems to be reproducible at least 80% of the time. In 6 or 7
attempts, the playlist remained usable once. Still, I was able to trigger the
bug by following the steps 5 to 7 again.

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