Bug#395384: gnome-default-applications-properties: sensible != sensibile

Sven Arvidsson sa at whiz.se
Fri Aug 10 21:18:03 UTC 2007

> in the gnome-default-applications-properties , the translation to italian
> of "Debian Sensible Browser" is currently "Browser sensibile di Debian"
> this sounds funny, since the meaning of italian "sensibile"
> is not the same as english "sensible" (which usually translates to
> italian "sensato")
> Just FYI : if you Google around ,
> http://www.google.it/search?q=sensible+sensibile+false+friends you
> will see that italian "sensibile" and english "sensible" is an example
> of "false friends".
> I attach a patch , to translate it as 
> "Browser sensato di Debian" 
> (but I am up to suggestions)


It is now translated as "Browser predefinito di Debian", is that okay?

Sven Arvidsson
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