[Bug 341666] Download dialog is confusing

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Fri Jan 12 00:15:06 CET 2007

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------- Comment #7 from Josselin Mouette  2007-01-11 23:13 UTC -------
After some thinking, I'm not giving up on this issue. How about the following:

* Grey out the "Download folder" combo box in the preferences, unless
"Automatically download and open files" is checked.

* Use the same data store for this value and for the last folder used by the
"save as" filechooser dialog.

* Make the "Download" action in the context directory download the file in the
same last used folder.

* When clicking on a link with an unknown MIME type:
 - If "Automatically download and open files" is disabled, directly bring the
"save as" dialog. No first question to ask whether you want to download or save
the file. You can still cancel the download at this stage.
 - If "Automatically download and open files" is enabled, save to the directory
defined in "Download folder" - which happens to be the same last used folder
when using it for the first time - without asking.

I think this would greatly simplify the download UI without any of the
drawbacks that have been described so far.

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