Bug#407046: totem: Scrolling dropdown in sidebar does not switch entries

Mathias Brodala info at noctus.net
Tue Jan 16 15:36:58 CET 2007

Hello Sven.

Sven Arvidsson, 16.01.2007 15:13:
> On Mon, 2007-01-15 at 21:15 +0100, Mathias Brodala wrote: 
>> When the sidebar is enabled and you scroll the Playlist/Properties dropdown
>> element, totem skips through the currently played song. But it should switch
>> between the entries of this dropdown box instead since this is the default and
>> expected GTK behaviour for hovered dropdown/combobox elements.
> Are you sure about this? In other places where such a combobox exists,
> the bottom left navigation in spatial nautilus for example, scroll
> events does not seem to be used.

You are right and I would call this a bug, too since I would expect Nautilus to
open the directory chosen by scrolling over the element. If you look at the
comboboxes in Nautilus’ settings dialog then you can see those boxes behave
correctly. (Or at least what I would expect to be correct.)

The least I could find regarding this is written in GNOME’s HIG[0]:

> If present, the scrollwheel should scroll the currently focused window or
control, if it supports scrolling.

Dropdown and combobox elements should always support scrolling. The overall
behavior should be consistent and if scrolling over a dropdown element does not
scroll through its entries but instead affects an element on a completely
different place in the current window, it confuses me. And that’s not the way
it’s ought to be.

Regards, Mathias

[0] http://developer.gnome.org/projects/gup/hig/1.0/userinput.html#mouse


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