Bug#430914: epiphany-browser: Epiphany ignores paper size when scaling print output

Kevin Brown kevin at sysexperts.com
Mon Jul 2 20:28:02 UTC 2007

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> severity 430914 normal
> tag 430914 unreproducible
> thanks
> Le jeudi 28 juin 2007 à 01:11 -0700, Kevin Brown a écrit :
>> While epiphany will remember and save the paper size settings as set in 
>> the "Print Setup" dialog, it fails to actually use it for scaling the 
>> output.
>> The end result is that it appears everything is printed under the 
>> assumption that the paper size matches A4 paper.  As I'm in the US, I 
>> generally print to US Letter.
>> The end result is that the printouts are truncated at the edges, making 
>> certain pages difficult if not impossible to read.
>> This is easily reproduced by setting your paper size to that of an 
>> envelope or small note and then printing.  The size of the output area 
>> will be correct but the printout itself will be truncated so that the 
>> print area acts as a "window" into the printout itself.
> I can indeed reproduce that with note or envelope sizes; this is a known
> issue with Gecko, which can only render to a small, fixed number of
> paper sizes.
> However I can't reproduce this with the US Letter paper size. I have
> tried to print the same page in both A4 and US Letter formats; the
> results are completely different, and none of them is truncated at the
> edges.

OK, I tried printing directly to postscript and discovered what the real 
problem is:

Epiphany was printing to letter without any margins whatsoever.  It's 
placing the output directly at the edges of the paper.

So I defined a custom size, "Letter with margins", and added margins to it.

The end result is that the web page image itself is within the margins 
but the header and footer (which tell you the site in the printout and 
the page number) are at the edges.

I then changed my printer driver to use the hpijs version and printed 
via Letter (not my custom size) again and that seems to work properly, 
except that the header and footer aren't visible.

So I guess if there's any bug here, it's that the print engine doesn't 
account for the margins when placing the header and the footer, only the 

Kevin Brown					      kevin at sysexperts.com

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