Bug#428786: gnome-applets: General update after the debconf review process

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Jul 4 10:14:55 UTC 2007

Dear Debian maintainer,

On Sunday, May 27, 2007, I sent you a notification about the beginning of a review
action on debconf templates for gnome-applets.

Then, I sent you a bug report with rewritten templates and annoucing
the beginning of the second phase of this action: call for translation

Translators have been working hard and here is now the result of their efforts.

Please consider using it EVEN if you committed files to your
development tree as long as they were reported.

The attached tarball contains:

- debian/changelog with the list of changes
- debian/control with rewrites of packages' descriptions
- debian/<templates> with all the rewritten templates file(s)
- debian/po/*.po with all PO files (existing ones and new ones)

As said, please use *at least* the PO files as provided here,
preferrably over those sent by translators in their bug reports. All
of them have been checked and reformatted. In some cases, formatting
errors have been corrected.

The patch-nopo file contains a patch for the templates and control file(s).

Please note that this patch applies to the templates and control
file(s) of your package as of Sunday, May 27, 2007. If your package was updated
in the meantime, I may have updated my reference copy....but I also
may have missed that. This is indeed why I suggested you do not
modified such files while the review process was running,

It is now safe to upload a new package version with these changes.

Please notify me of your intents with regards to this. 

There is of course no hurry to update your package but feel free to
contact me in case you would need sponsoring or any other action to
fix this.


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--- gnome-applets.old/debian/gnome-applets.templates	2007-05-24 22:39:45.089341240 +0200
+++ gnome-applets/debian/gnome-applets.templates	2007-07-01 07:35:39.289319839 +0200
@@ -1,17 +1,27 @@
+# These templates have been reviewed by the debian-l10n-english
+# team
+# If modifications/additions/rewording are needed, please ask
+# for an advice to debian-l10n-english at lists.debian.org
+# Even minor modifications require translation updates and such
+# changes should be coordinated with translators and reviewers.
 Template: gnome-applets/cpufreq_SUID_bit
 Type: boolean
 Default: false
-_Description: Install cpufreq-selector with SUID root?
- You have the option of installing a component of the CPU Frequency Scaling
- Monitor (cpufreq-selector) with the SUID bit set.
+_Description: Should cpufreq-selector run with root privileges?
+ The 'cpufreq-selector' program, part of the CPU Frequency
+ Scaling Monitor, can be set up to use superuser privileges when
+ it is run ('SUID root').
- If you make cpufreq-selector SUID, any user can then set the CPU's clock
- frequency without needing any additional privileges. This could, however,
- potentially allow it to be used during a security attack on your computer. If
- in doubt, it is suggested that you install it without SUID.
+ If you choose this option, any ordinary user will have the power to
+ set the processor's clock frequency. However, this may also be
+ potentially exploitable in security attacks.
  The applet will continue to work if you choose to disable SUID for
- cpufreq-selector, but only for monitoring the CPU clock frequency. You may
- need to restart this applet before this decision takes effect.
+ cpufreq-selector, but only for monitoring the CPU clock frequency. The
+ applet may need to be restarted for a change to take effect.
- If you change your mind later, run "dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets"
+ If in doubt, accept the default of no SUID root. To change this
+ setting later, run 'dpkg-reconfigure gnome-applets'.
--- gnome-applets.old/debian/control	2007-05-24 22:39:45.089341240 +0200
+++ gnome-applets/debian/control	2007-06-26 19:09:16.281526760 +0200
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 Source: gnome-applets
 Section: gnome
 Priority: optional
-Maintainer: Guilherme de S. Pastore <guilherme.pastore at terra.com.br>
+Maintainer: Guilherme de S. Pastore <gpastore at debian.org>
 Uploaders: Debian GNOME Maintainers <pkg-gnome-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org>, Josselin Mouette <joss at debian.org>, Loic Minier <lool at dooz.org>, Sebastian Dr?ge <slomo at debian.org>
 Standards-Version: 3.7.2
 Build-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.41),
@@ -85,37 +85,32 @@
-            libgnomevfs2-extra
+            libgnomevfs2-extra,
+            python-gnome2
 Suggests: acpid,
           cpufreqd | cpudyn | powernowd
 Description: Various applets for GNOME 2 panel - binary files
- accessx-status: shows you the status of the keyboard accessibility
- features, including the current state of the keyboard, if those features
- are in use.
+ accessx-status: indicates keyboard accessibility settings, including
+ the current state of the keyboard, if those features are in use.
- Battstat: (battery applet) shows the status of the power subsystem in your
- laptop.
+ Battstat: monitors the power subsystem on a laptop.
  Character palette: provides a convenient way to access non-standard
  characters, such as accented characters, mathematical symbols, special
  symbols, and punctuation marks.
- GNOME CPUFreq Applet: a CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor for GNOME Panel.
+ GNOME CPUFreq Applet: CPU frequency scaling monitor
- Drivemount: Allows you to quickly and easily mount and unmount various
- types of drives and filesystems on your computer.
+ Drivemount: lets you mount and unmount drives and file systems.
- Geyes: Is a pair of eyes which follow your mouse pointer around the screen.
+ Geyes: pair of eyes which follow the mouse pointer around the screen.
- Keyboard layout switcher: enables you to assign different layouts to your
- keyboard to suit different locales.
+ Keyboard layout switcher: lets you assign different keyboard
+ layouts for different locales.
- Mixer: enables you to control the sound volume on your system.
+ Mixer: volume control.
- Modemlights: Monitor your modem while it is working.
- .
- Sticky notes: enables you to create, view, and manage sticky notes on the
- GNOME Desktop.
+ Modem Monitor: monitors the modem.
  Invest: downloads current stock quotes from the Internet and displays
  the quotes in a scrolling display in the applet. The applet downloads the
@@ -123,8 +118,7 @@
  System monitor: CPU, memory, network, swap file and resource.
- Trash: ou can drag items from Nautilus onto this applet to move them to your 
- trash folder.
+ Trash: lets you drag items to the trash folder.
  Weather report: downloads weather information from the U.S National Weather
  Service (NWS) servers, including the Interactive Weather Information
@@ -145,6 +139,6 @@
          gnome-applets (= ${binary:Version})
 Description: Various applets for GNOME 2 panel - development files
- This package contains development materials needed to build extensions for
+ This package contains development material needed to build extensions for
  some applets.
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