Bug#431447: gnome-terminal: the new tab open is slow

Luciano Rossi lukio at cafelug.org.ar
Wed Jul 4 19:20:23 UTC 2007

Hi, I realized that what I told was wrong. What happens is this:

It thought me that when you open a second or third tab it have a
retardation in giving back prompt to me, but the problem is that it does
not refresh the screen, not that has retardation.

If I change the gnome-terminal's window to another, when I return to
gnome-terminal's window is everything that I wrote. 

Not always happens this when I open a new tab, sometimes happens,
sometimes not. 

I strace the bash that gnome-terminal open and when I'm writing on that
window, the strace show me every character. 

I don't know if has to be a problem with threads. I own a Pentium 4 with
Hyperthreading (SMP)


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