Bug#432032: libpango1.0-0: Japanese characters rendered invisible

Mathias Brodala info at noctus.net
Sat Jul 7 18:05:30 UTC 2007


Loïc Minier, 07.07.2007 19:41:
> On Sat, Jul 07, 2007, Mathias Brodala wrote:
>> Some more dunno-how-useful facts: affected are only "inset" widgets like
>> GTKTreeview and text entry boxes. Japanese characters in titlebars and on select
>> widgets are displayed normally. You can see this here in my music player:
>> <http://download.noctus.net/gallery/caps/exaile_minimode_jap_chars.png>
>> Strange fact: the program EasyTag does not seem to be affected. The characters
>> are not anti-aliased, but clearly visible. But Thunar and EasyTag both use
>> Cairo, Pango and Freetype …
>  This makes me think that probably your font renders badly at some sizes
>  or for some font options or when antialiases.
>  Perhaps you can try to play with pango-view and set --hinting to none
>  or full, set the font size, with the same text?

Now that’s one interesting application. And a useful one too, because I now
found out the following:

   font-size 1-8: characters visible
  font-size 9-13: characters invisible
font-size 14-...: characters visible

If I disable font-smoothing completely in Xfce’s interface settings, the
characters are visible at any size. They are also visible at any size if I
choose xft or ft2 as backend for pango-view. Playing around with --hinting=none
does nothing; fonts are always hinted.

So it seems to be a Cairo-related issue … Either that, or something in my local
font configuration is definitely not right.

Regards, Mathias


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