Bug#432085: Totem doesn't find codec

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Tue Jul 10 12:15:34 UTC 2007

reassign 432085 libxine1
retitle 432085 Please autodetect whether the esound output should be used instead of alsa

On Tue, Jul 10, 2007, Takehiko Abe wrote:
> I can play multiple sound files (tried three -- ogg, mp4, and music
> CD) simultaneously without esound, but _not_ with esound.

 Ok; usually it's the contrary since people use esound when they can't
 use their sound devices multiple times simultaneously.  If you don't
 need esound, you can remove it.

 The reason it blocks access to other apps is probably that you use
 the default esound implementation, libesd0, but you should use
 libesd-alsa0.  esound should default to pulling libesd-alsa0 and not
 libesd0, but this is already reported against esound.

> [There is no obvious way to tell totem to use esound instead of
> alsa -- I couldn't find one. However, I prefer not to use esound
> because it looks like I can get away without it.]

 With totem-gstreamer, there is an obvious way which is in the GNOME
 preferences, but with totem-xine it's non-trivial indeed (you need to
 edit .gnome2/totem_config).

> My thought was that totem is wrongly reporting a codec error while the
> real cause was in sound device.  However, for some reason, totem
> started to report the sound device problem (when esound is running)
> and I haven't seen the codec error since.

 Ok, since this is not reproducible, let's forget about this part of the
 bug; please report it if you manage to reproduce it.

> >  - if it's because of esound, would you agree that if xine tried to
> >    use esound if available and then would default to alsa, then your
> >    bug would be fixed?
> I guess I agree. however, I think it would be better if esound does
> not block some apps to access sound device.

 I suppose installing libesd-alsa0 will solve this; for the other part
 of this bug, I'll reassign to xine.

Loïc Minier

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