Bug#432894: brasero: Incomplete debian/copyright file

Lionel Le Folgoc mrpouit at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 21:04:19 UTC 2007

Package: brasero
Version: 0.6.0-1


Several copyright holders seem to be missing from the debian/copyright
file of brasero:
* src/eggtreemultidnd.h: Copyright (C) 2001  Red Hat, Inc.
* src/inotify.h: Copyright (C) 2005 John McCutchan
* po/fi.po: Copyright (C) 2006 Ilkka Tuohela
* src/eggtreemultidnd.c: Copyright (C) 2001  Red Hat, Inc.

Moreover, src/eggtreemultidnd.c and src/eggtreemultidnd.h are
distributed under the terms of the LGPL (v2 or later), but there is no
corresponding paragraph in debian/copyright.


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