Bug#433427: Critical privacy issue in gnome-screensaver - personal pictures may be shown

Artyom artyomtnk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 17 07:41:51 UTC 2007

Package: gnome-screensaver
Version: 2.14.3-3

The _default_ configuration of the screen saver
in Gnome invokes random screen saver. One of 
them shows some random pictures from you Home
folder. This may cause unpleasant issue when
the private and personal pictures will be 
accidentally shown on the screen of your laptop
or desktop PC. In some cases it may cause a
very bad results.

I think this is very critical bug in terms of
privacy and security.

I suggest to remove this screen saver from the
list of random screen savers on the PC.

Operating system: Debian Etch i386 Stable.


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