Bug#434711: Sync with Ubuntu changes - adds brightness control, etc...

Tim Hull thully at umich.edu
Thu Jul 26 15:56:26 UTC 2007

They don't use pommed at all - they use just gnome-power-manager.
I'm just saying pommed will change the brightness on Debian, so it is
obvious brightness CAN be changed on Debian.

Regarding the changes, Ubuntu posts its changes to Debian sources at "
patches.ubuntu.com".  Gnome-power-manager's patchfile is located at:


Be forewarned that these are patches against the latest development version
(2.19.5) as that's what they have in their unstable repositories.

Is there a filesystem directory where I can find system-specific brightness
configurations?  I figure Ubuntu includes the patches necessary to adjust
MacBook brightness, and Debian does not.

On 7/26/07, Loïc Minier <lool at dooz.org> wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 26, 2007, Tim Hull wrote:
> > I have acpi-support, and I have the other significant power-management
> > stuff
> > installed here.  In fact, I can suspend-to-RAM with no problem using
> g-p-m
> > and stock configuration, and I can change the brightness using pommed
> (I'm
> > on a MacBook).  Does anyone have a clue as to WHY I'm not seeing
> brightness
> > control support as I do on Ubuntu with the same version of g-p-m?
> >
> > I am running Debian unstable currently, so I do have the latest versions
> of
> > everything...
> AFAIK, the pommed author knowingly skipped HAL integration as it was
> considered too painful.  Perhaps Ubuntu doesn't use pommed or adds
> another package providing more information or patches pommed to provide
> the information?
> Anyway, it would be nice if you could extract the differences and
> attach them here, but I'm convinced this is machine specific.
> --
> Loïc Minier
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