Bug#378591: Debian bug follow up (Re: bug 378591)

Jiří Paleček jpalecek at web.de
Tue Mar 27 10:36:18 UTC 2007


On Sat, 24 Mar 2007 18:55:20 +0100, Sven Arvidsson <sa at whiz.se> wrote:

> This is a follow up to Debian bug 378591.
> See http://bugs.debian.org/378591
> Hi,
> Does this bug still happen with gnome-session version 2.14.3-5 (or  
> later) on
> an up to date Etch system?

Well, I don't know. You see, I have changed my configuration and it is
sort of painful to change it back. Is there any simple way of testing
this (qemu? UML? or something)

    Jiri Palecek

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