Bug#423961: Gnome fails to start more than one xterm per session

tt-deb at kky.ttu.ee tt-deb at kky.ttu.ee
Tue May 15 06:57:43 UTC 2007

Package: gnome-desktop-environment
Version: 1:

Gnome fails to start more than one xterm per session.

How to reproduce:

* Log in as a new user with no previous saved state from Gnome.
* Open two or more xterms from the debian menu.
* From Desktop -> Preferences -> Sessions choose "Save the current
* (optional): verify that the xterms are actually saved in
* log out
* log in

Only one of the xterm's is started.

Gnome-terminal, as well as other applications I have tried, behave as

Also, if I copy and paste the RestartCommand from ~/.gnome2/session,
the xterm opens in the correct place. I have the impression that
gnome-session never tries to execute the second (and latter) xterm's.

Toomas Tamm
Tallinn, Estonia

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