Bug#424765: epiphany-browser - overwrites download dir setting

Fabian Greffrath fabian at ep1.rub.de
Tue May 22 10:03:32 UTC 2007

Hello alltogether,

I was just about to write a bug report on exact the same issue and ask
for the removal of the patch that has been introduced in response to
#280280. However, thank you for attending to this issue again.

I have not had a look at the new patch for 2.18.1-3 yet, but please make
sure the following scenario will be avoided in the future:

- In the 'Settings' dialog I set ~/Downloads as the default download 
  folder and activate the 'automatically download...' button.
- I travel the web and every file that I click (which cannot be 
  displayed by the browser, e.g. pdf files) will be saved in ~/Downloads
  without user interaction. This is good!
- I find a nice picture that I want to save in another folder called
  ~/Pictures and not in the default ~/Downloads, thus I right-click and
  choose this folder in the 'save as' dialog.
- From this moment every pdf file that I click will automatically be
  saved in ~/Pictures. This is annoying!

The above scenario has happened to me several times and silently
polluted some of the folders in my $HOME with some of the crap that I
originally expected in ~/Downloads. ;)

Thank you very much for your effort!


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