Bug#492927: epiphany-browser: Crashes in GkAtoms_info

Adeodato Simó dato at net.com.org.es
Thu Dec 4 14:30:49 UTC 2008

* Josselin Mouette [Thu, 04 Dec 2008 14:15:55 +0100]:

> Le lundi 01 décembre 2008 à 01:10 +0100, Adeodato Simó a écrit :
> > > Indeed. For devhelp that also means binNMUs to testing once xulrunner
> > > has migrated, since 0.21-2 is not going to migrate.

> > It'd be great if somebody could reply to this message when xulrunner has
> > migrated.

> Here we go: xulrunner is now in testing, so please schedule
> the binNMUs for devhelp 0.19.1-6.

Thanks, scheduled.

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