Bug#504363: Upstream Python path bugs please

James Vega jamessan at debian.org
Thu Dec 4 20:28:31 UTC 2008

On Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 09:04:18PM -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo wrote:
> would you please take a minute to file the Python path patches upstream
> in bugzilla.gnome.org? We will appreciate it.

I don't have a bugzilla account for Gnome and would appreciate it if the
package maintainers could push this upstream instead as they likely
already have one.

> Please do so for the following products that share this code: nautilus,
> totem, epiphany, eog. I might be missing one, so don't feel restricted
> to only those :-).

I'm still working through the list of packages I've found albeit not as
fast as I would've liked.  All of the projects you mentioned are in the
list and will (if they haven't already) will have Debian bugs opened for
the problem.

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