xine-ui: xine causes left ctrl keyup events every 20 seconds

Bas Zoetekouw bas at
Fri Dec 12 17:10:22 UTC 2008

clone 506001 -1
reassign -1 totem
found -1 2.22.2-5

Hi Tim!

You wrote:

> > Ah, it's the anti-screensaver measure documented in bug 374644.
> >
> > Would setting 'xset s' parameters be a more portable, less annoying way of
> > disabling the screensaver temporarily?  Or perhaps detect the presense of
> > xscreensaver etc on the current display, and run 'xscreensaver-command
> > -deactivate' periodically.
> >
> > Note that even performing this pressing-of-the-ctrl-key countermeasure
> > only when fullscreened is not sufficient - those of us who have multiple
> > screens like to display xine fullscreen on one monitor and do real work on
> > another monitor :)
> >
> > Note also, that this likely breaks accessibility:
> >
> And it has the potential to break other applications on the system too
> (hence, grave, causes dataloss).  Since it clearly simulates pressing the
> control key down regardless of whether it or another key is already
> down[1], it will happily press control down when someone has another key
> down that when in combination, will cause damage.
> For instance, imagine I am typing the "w" key into a browser window just
> as xine comes along and presses "ctrl" helpfully for me.

Totem seems to suffer from the same bug, so cloning it and reassigning
to totem.  The relevant code is here (line 264):

I have checked that the relevant cod eis actually present and in use
(HAVE_XTEST is defined) in the version in lenny.  Easy fix might be to
force XTEST off, although libxtst6 might be used for other parts of the

It simulates alt keypresses instead of controls, but I don't think that
makes a lot of difference.


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