Bug#508672: nautilus: Generating video index on constantly changing file -> CPU load 100%

Ondra Kunc triak at seznam.cz
Sun Dec 14 16:04:07 UTC 2008

Josselin Mouette napsal(a):
> Le dimanche 14 décembre 2008 à 00:09 +0100, Ondra Kunc a écrit :
>> I've discovered that nautilus is generating video index via 
>> totem-gstreamer-video-indexer on file
>> which is opened by another process and is constantly growing (output of 
>> dvgrab). I mean that
>> nautilus may chech that situation and don't try to make index every 
>> dvgrabs write to that file,
>> because it is wasting of CPU power.
> This bug is supposed to be already fixed.
> Does it happen with all applications? E.g. when you simply copy the file
> (from the file manager or with cp), does it happen as well? If not, this
> may be caused by an unusual write pattern from dvgrab.
I've tryed it and found that file which is copied by cp isn't reindexed 
by dvgrab, may i file a bug on dvgrab or is it possible to apply any 
workaround to nautilus in the future? I'm not sure if this behaviour is 
correct. I mean that nautilus may check that file was not modified last 
10 secs, it would solve this problem for all applications, not dependent 
on writing pattern.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Ondrej Kunc

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