Bug#509582: still puszed how a non maintainer handled the criticity while not responding to problem

Loïc Minier lool at dooz.org
Tue Dec 23 19:08:01 UTC 2008


On Tue, Dec 23, 2008, Eric Valette wrote:

 Cool down

> >       * only occurs on systems with legacy locale settings
> >       * doesn’t occur all the time, unless you are always using
> >         MALLOC_CHECK_=2
> On experimental libc, apprently this is default. I do not set it
> manually and it is not set in my environment.

 Ok, so if it's only in combination with the experimental libc, or with
 an explicit MALLOC_CHECK_=2 export, it's fine to lower the severity a
 little; this still is either important or serious.

> >       * has an easy workaround: G_FILENAME_ENCODING=utf-8 (or just use a
> >         working locale, damnit)
> I use the locale I xant fuck!

 Cool down; I also recommend you consider using an UTF-8 locale; yes,
 you may use any supported locale.  I recommend you set
 G_FILENAME_ENCODING= to whatever you use for your files; I set it to
 @locale because I'm using UTF-8 filenames and my locale is UTF-8.

> >       * doesn’t affect at all the rest of the system
> Yes it does it break thunderbird and mozilla! I'm not even sure you
> tried to reproduce it with the correct package versions...

 Right, but these aren't completely unrelated in that they use this lib
 and they break in the lib.  I do agree this will seriously break your
 system, but only when combining multiple factors.  It's good enough to
 document this as a serious bug and this will block people who look at
 bugs in this lib to upgrade.  An example of a critical bug is when your
 libc is broken and you can't even upgrade, or when a package destroys
 file in another package without any way of identifying which files or
 which packages.

 Let's stop discussing bug severities; fixing the bug is what matters.

> You do not treat bugs! You do nothing no even tell me what LANG /locales
> settings I should use. So instead of helping me you are just saying I'm
> an idiot. So do not expect any respect from my side!

 Cool down; it's been only a couple of hours you reported this bug; the
 suggestion is to use an UTF-8 locale.  I'm using LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8 and

> If you do not think it is a bug I say it prevent me to work normally and
> was introduced by the experimental package version.

 Using experimental package version is guaranteed to prevent you from
 working normally from time to time.  :-)

Loïc Minier

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