Bug#499221: Q&D patch to avoid getting annoyed

Margarita Manterola margamanterola at gmail.com
Mon Dec 14 15:51:51 UTC 2009


The proposed patch didn't really work.

Here's a patch that works as intended, this means preventing ANY popup
errors from showing.

Upstream has made several changes to how this function works: stopping
the program from generating infinite dialogs, not showing a dialog if
the printer is paused, and other stuff like that.

The amount of changes needed to apply these updates to the current
code in stable were too many for my taste.  Also, even with the many
fixes applied, it still doesn't take into account the username (it
shows the message to all users of the computer, regardless of who
created the print job) and it seems (I didn't really test it) that
once you close the window acknowledging the problem, it will show up
again (so, not infinite windows, but one very annoying window).

My feeling is that this program is VERY low quality, the new upstream
release might be better, but it still needs a lot of work to be of
Debian quality.

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